Gatehouse / Security

The Gate House telephone number is (561) 684-1347. Please call the Gate House whenever you are expecting visitors, contractors, etc. Without advanced notice the gate house personnel are instructed to call your home for consent to enter, without which entrance will be denied. You can put certain visitors and contractors on a written list who are to be admitted without calling you first.

Permanent guests, visitors and vendors must be submitted to MMI on the “Resident Information Form”. The form must be signed by the owner in order to be processed.  MMI needs 48 hours to process these forms.  Also, MMI  can e-mail them on request. The form is available on this site, at the gatehouse and may be mailed to you from MMI upon request.

Transponders:  Bear Island has a transponder system in place and transponder request forms are available on the website under General Forms.  Transponders issued to tenants will expire upon lease expiration and only require a signed lease renewal by Owner and Tenant for reactivation.