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Feb 22

New ACC and Landscape committee rules! Deposit has been reduced to $500 for landscaping only.

Here are some changes that need to be announced to our residents: 1.  ACC form C–the deposit has been reduced from $1000 to $500 for landscaping jobs only. 2.  Regarding the completion form to request deposit, the amount of $1000 will be deleted and the deposit amount will be filled in by the resident.  Landscaping …

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Dec 02

New ADT Community Liaisons as of May 1, 2017

 Eileen Arbulu, 1-800-878-7806,    

Apr 24

The Marketable Record Title Act (MARTA)–Preserving HOA’s covenants, conditions and restrictions to promote and preserve the symmetry, beauty and general good of all interested in the scheme of planned developments. (From, Pelican Island POA v Murphy, 554 So. 2nd 1179, 1181 (Fla. 2nd DCA 1989.) Please click to read more.

  Uniform Marketable Title Act Many of you may have wondered why your Board went to the trouble at the annual Board meeting of “extending” the life of our community for another 30 years. The Uniform Marketable Title Act (the “Act”) attacks the curse of the “hidden ancient interests in land.” In American property law, …

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